Friday, August 29, 2008

Harley's 105th

Here's the family at the Harley Davidson 105th party at the Summerfest grounds. Let's just says it wasn't a kid-friendly venue and leave it at that.

Proof that they just don't get it...

So I'm sitting at home and someone rings the bell. I answer the door and am greeted by a pony-tailed twenty-something who asks if I'm James. I can tell where this is going, and sure enough, he has a political survey. I love those things, so I say sure.
His first question: Who am I going to vote for?
Next question: What is the single most important issue in the coming election?
"National security."
Do you mean the war?
"No. The surge worked and the war is pretty much a non-issue. The real problems are Russia rattling its sabers by invading Georgia and Iran threatening Israel."
Hmmm. He scrolls through his PDA. I can't find those issues. All I have is rising energy prices, war, abortion, health care, rising cost of living, and education.
"Fine. Give me the need for an effective energy policy."
You mean energy prices?
Now, of the two candidates, which do you think will bring the most change in the White House?
"Both will bring change. But change can either be good or bad. It depends on what you change from to what you change to."
So do you say both?
"No. Go with McCain."
Thanks. That's all I have.

No kidding. Russia is not even on their radar. How short-sighted. If we're not careful, we will change right back to the cold war. If you don't remember the picture below, it's the the crosses that were a memorial for all of those people who died while trying to escape the Soviet Union by getting by the Berlin Wall.