Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scott Walker's Announcement (4/28/09)

One more post folks! Tuesday evening, the kids and I went to Wisconsin Lutheran College to hear the Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker announce that he is running for governor of Wisconsin. Jim was busy ushering at Miller Park. The doors opened at 4:30, and he was scheduled to be there at 5:45 P.M. We got there at 4:45 P.M. A lady said that we should sit on the stage. Oh my goodness! We were in the fifth row, directly behind Scott's head. It was very exciting! We were on the Channel 4 news that night.

*This is how close we were
*Here is the athletic building filling with supporters

*Scott Walker is in the suit looking to the left.
*Logan, Brett, and Katherine with their Walker signs

There's a new Scheuer (4/29/09)

Adam & Jill are the proud parents of another girl, Claire Amelia Scheuer. That makes Ellie the proud big sister. We had a friendly poll picking the sex of their unborn baby and the date of arrival. 10 people thought they were having a boy. 8 people guessed a girl. No one picked the correct date of April 29th. We all prayed for a healthy baby, and God answered our prayers! We look forward to seeing them Memorial Day weekend for Claire's baptism.
Jill, Ellie, and Adam on Easter Sunday

*Adam, Claire, and Jill
*Claire with Grandpa Terry
*Claire Amelia Scheuer, 8 lbs. 6 oz. 21"


*Brett is ready for a return
*Brett bumps the ball over the net

*Katherine starts the game
*Katherine's 2nd of 5 saves as goalie

Social Studies Fair (4/24/09)

*Brett with his board on Greece He also helped Jim make baklava (a rich Greek dessert). It tasted great!
*The kids had to pick an occupation and draw the theme into the word Google. Brett picked a veterinarian.

*Katherine's Japanese kite
*Katherine's dioroma of a Japanese room-compete with flip-flops outside, a Japanese scroll that reads, "God is love", and a hand-drawn mural of a cherry blossom tree
*Katherine's Haiku

*The third graders with their costumes made by Mrs. Murphy
*Mark, Mia, Katherine, Raven, Trey, and Victoria having tea
It was a wonderful, Friday evening. The weather was quite pleasant. We parked a block away and walked over to Mount Olive for the Social Studies Fair. The children put a lot of work into their projects. We were happy to have Peter & Felicia, and Ryan come look around. The only thing that I would change is the amount of time that the Fair was open. It was only two hours long, and that is not enough time to adequately see everything. Hopefully they will change that in two years. It's an every-other-year thing.