Friday, June 12, 2009

Dinner at the Rupes and Logan's Basketball Game(6/11/09)

Thursday evening we were invited to the Rupe house for supper. Ryan was busy with a doctorate class in St. Louis, and Logan was at a friend's house. So it was just the seven of us. We had baked chicken legs, French fries, steamed green beans, and fresh fruit. The kids spent time playing while Lisa, Jim & I watched part of 24's Season 4...Edgar! Definately a good way to spend an evening!

*Ella and Katherine wolfing down their cupcakes before Kyle sees them!
*Katherine, Kyle, Brett, and Ella watching Shrek
We went home for about an hour to love Lucy and do some dishes. Then it was time to head to Wisconsin Lutheran College. Logan is in a summer basketball league there. He got a lot of playing time! It was a close game, but unfortunately his team lost to Catholic Memorial. It also made for another late night.
*Logan running down the court
*Logan on defense
*Logan with the ball

Brewer Game with the Scheuers (6/10/09)

Wednesday evening the five of us met up with Bill & Bobbie, Stephen and Ben, Peter & Felicia, Sarah, Rachel (a friend of Sarah), and Ryan, Tim & Zoe, and Amit in the parking lot of Miller Park. Tim, his wife Zoe, and her son Amit are visiting from Israel. They got the experience of tailgating at a ball game...burgers, hot dogs, fruit, veggies, pickles, chips, and brownies. I know it was nice for Jim's parents to share this evening with four of their six sons. Amit took to Logan right away. Most of the kids tossed a ball around for a while. Then we headed to the game. Ben had a spill with the sidewalk.
Bad news: bloody right elbow
Good news: went to the First Aid Center, got bandaged, and was given a Webkinz Bunny
We got to our seats on the third base outfield side. They were great seats! Amit sat with Logan and Brett. Sometime during the game we saw our next door neighbors. That was a nice treat. The game itself was uneventful but long. The Brewers lost to the Colorado Rockies 2-4. By the time we walked up the hill to our van and drove home, it was 11:30 P.M. We were all tired!

*Felicia, Bobbie, Ryan, and Amit enjoying their supper
*Brett and Uncle Stephen getting their brownies

*Amit and Tim playing baseball
*Stephen getting ready to throw the ball
*Amit getting ready for the flyball

*Dad & Mom with four out of the six sons: Tim, Jim, Peter, and Stephen
*Mom with Tim, Jim, Peter, and Stephen
*Dad with Tim, Jim, Peter, and Stephen

*Ryan, Sarah, Ben, Brett, Logan, Katherine, Amit
*Katherine with Daddy's sunglasses
*Katherine with Daddy's baseball cap

*Logan explaining baseball to Amit
*Amit hugging Logan
*happy Ryan with the ball from Ryan Braun

*"Prince Fielder", Brett, Ben, Ryan, Katherine, "Ryan Braun", Logan
*Katherine, Grandma, Zoe
*Brett, Logan, Amit

*Jim, Bill, Bobbie, Stephen, Felicia, Ryan, Ben, Peter

Lunch and Playing at Ella's (6/10/09)

Wednesday I packed a lunch for the five of us consisting of tuna sandwiches, carrots sticks, blueberries, and chips with salsa. We loaded up the van with Katherine's bicycle and the children and drove to Ella's house. Ella likes Brett and spent lunchtime giggling at whatever he said or did. That made Faith and Noah laugh. Katherine rolled her eyes in disbelief that Brett was doing anything worth giggling about. Afterwards, the kids had a lot of fun playing outside.

*Noah riding in the yard while Faith rests
*Faith and Noah riding bicycles
*friends: Brett, Ella, Faith, Katherine, Noah

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun (6/9/09)

Tonight the children and I sat in our neighbor's driveway visiting. They had a campfire going, and we invited ourselves over. Logan and Brett rode their bikes to Sentry to get marshmallows and chocolate bars. Angela had graham crackers. It took the boys a while, but they came back with the goodies. We roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the fire. We are so blessed to have such nice neighbors/friends! Unfortunately Jim missed the fun. He was ushering at Miller Park, where the Brewers just lost to the Colorado Rockies. Hopefully tomorrow's game will be better. We're going to be there!
*Logan and Brett roasting marshmallows
*Katherine resting with Riley

Camp Scheuer begins! (6/8/09)

We are watching two school children over the summer. I write "we" because it is a family job. Brett is wonderful with these siblings who will be in the first/second grade in the Fall. He makes up games and races. We walk every morning at church. Today Brett and Noah ran in relay races against Katherine and Faith. Brett reads to them, and they read to him. Katherine plays with Faith. Today they built a fort in the living room. Brett and Noah built one in the basement. Yesterday we had a good time at the Domes. It's so nice to see that they all enjoy being together!

*Noah, Faith, Katherine, Brett taking a bow after their "Crazy Dance" at church
*Noah, Katherine, Brett, Faith in the Tropic Dome
*Katherine, Faith, Brett, and Noah in the Arid Dome

*Faith, Brett, Katherine, and Noah showing off in the Show Dome
*Brett chasing Ava down the ramp at church