Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Camp Scheuer begins! (6/8/09)

We are watching two school children over the summer. I write "we" because it is a family job. Brett is wonderful with these siblings who will be in the first/second grade in the Fall. He makes up games and races. We walk every morning at church. Today Brett and Noah ran in relay races against Katherine and Faith. Brett reads to them, and they read to him. Katherine plays with Faith. Today they built a fort in the living room. Brett and Noah built one in the basement. Yesterday we had a good time at the Domes. It's so nice to see that they all enjoy being together!

*Noah, Faith, Katherine, Brett taking a bow after their "Crazy Dance" at church
*Noah, Katherine, Brett, Faith in the Tropic Dome
*Katherine, Faith, Brett, and Noah in the Arid Dome

*Faith, Brett, Katherine, and Noah showing off in the Show Dome
*Brett chasing Ava down the ramp at church

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