Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Activities (3/8/09)

It rained heavily this morning and this afternoon. Oh the rain, rain, rain! It made for a dreary day, and what does one do on a dreary day? We worshipped at Mount Olive...listened to beautiful music. Pastor did a good job getting through a certain song. I'm glad he didn't look my way! We heard our friend, Ryan Rupe, preach a good sermon. This is always a good way to start a day, dreary or not. We had a quick lunch at home, and then drove to Milwaukee Lutheran High School for another concert. Logan played with the Concert Band.

They played: El Capitan John Phillip Sousa

Princeton Variations David Schaffer

Scottish Triptych: I. The Heritage II. The Country III. The People Paul Curnow

Trail of Tears James Bames

Pirates of the Caribbean (The Curse of the Black Pearl) Arr. Ted Rickets

Brett and Jim were listening to music on Jim's Zune during the intermission. They're a pair, aren't they?!

After the concert, we had an early supper at the Charcoal Grill.