Saturday, May 30, 2009

Astronomical Odds (5/30/09)

Congratulations to all the graduates of Milwaukee Lutheran High School, especially these three young men. Read all about it:,0,7303239.story
What an honor!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honor Roll Dinner (5/27/09)

Tonight we honor Brett and all the other 4th-8th grade students who have been successful academically this year. There was a dinner in Mount Olive's multi-purpose room: hot roast beef, hot turkey, dinner rolls, pasta salad, baked beans, fresh fruit, black olives and pickles, and of course, cake. As you can see by the pictures, Brett had a good time. We are very proud of him!

*happy Brett (with frosting on his teeth, lips, and tongue)
*6th grade Honor Roll students
*Alexander, Brett, Eddie, Carson

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scheuer Trip to Ohio 5/23/09-5/25/09

The alarm rang too early this morning! Jim & I were up at 4:15 A.M. We loaded up the van and got the kids ready for our long trip to Ohio. We wanted to leave by 5:00 A.M. but finally rolled out at 5:30. Driving through Chicago at 6:30-6:45 A.M. is definately traffic at all! We stopped at Subway for a quick lunch and made it to Adam & Jill's house at 3:30 P.M. We got to spend some quiet time with baby Claire out in the Florida room. She is beautiful! We checked into our hotel and took advantage of the indoor pool. We had a late supper of pizza and brownies out on the back patio area. After supper a few of us decided to go for a walk...John & Gina and Eric, Jim & I, Brett and Katherine. It was good to get out and breath some fresh air!
*Logan sleeping while Katherine and Brett watch a Dr. Who episode
*Uncle Jim and baby Claire
*Aunt Fatime and baby Claire
*cousins Logan and Claire
*cousins Brett and Claire
*cousins Katherine and Claire
*cousins Logan and Ellie
*cousin Brett playing with Ellie
*cousins Ellie and Katherine

*Claire, Jim, Adam, Ellie
*Logan, Uncle Adam, and Brett playing with Brewer
*Jim swimming while Eric and Logan play around
Sunday morning we went to Atonement Lutheran Church. We felt so blessed to have been able to be there to see Claire being baptized. It was the most beautiful Baptism I have ever seen! After the service there was a luncheon in the church's fellowship hall.

*the Baptismal party as well as all the children in the congregation were invited up while we sang the first two verses of "Father Welcomes All His Children" from the LSB.
*the pastor baptizing Claire
*Adam got to present Claire Amelia Scheuer to the congregation

*the Wobick/Scheuer Family-28 of us!
*baby Claire doing what she does best-sleeping
*Adam giving the "before we eat" speech, while Ellie holds onto Wangerin
*cousins Sarah, Brett, Eric, and Katherine with Claire
*Claire closeup
*Katherine watching while Fatime reads a Dora story to Ellie
Later on in the afternoon we all met up at the Worthington Community Center. It is their version of a YMCA on steroids. It has so much to offer to the community. We went swimming. Brett and Logan got to play basketball with a group of men. They were very nice to my boys. We all gathered under the covered patio for supper. Some of us had chicken and some of us had Chinese food. When it stopped raining, we drove to Adam & Jill's house. The strong guys helped Adam carry the pieces of a wooden playset (from across the street and three houses down) to his backyard. The boys had fun playing basketball out front. It was another late night.

*Adam, Ben, Isaiah, Stephen, Jim, and Logan playing water basketball
*Gina, John, Katherine, and Brett moving along the lazy river

*Grandma and Claire
*cousins Katherine and Ellie done swimming
*sisters Ellie and Claire

*cousins Joey, Brett, Isaiah, Logan, Ben, and Ryan
*after moving the playset parts-Glen, John, Stephen, Eric, Terry, Jim, Adam, Peter
Monday morning we packed up our belongs and left the hotel. We stopped by Adam & Jill's house for a quick good-bye. It was time to go home! We stopped at the Red Robin restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana for lunch. It was our first time there. We all liked what we ordered. We got to Mukwonago, WI around 5:30 P.M. The kids played football, while Jim & I visited with Steve & Liz, and of course, loved Lucy! We had a wonderful supper before heading home.
It was a quick trip to the Eastern time zone and back, but we feel truly blessed to be with loving family and friends for the weekend.
*Claire and Uncle Jim sharing a little special time together
*Aunt Fatime with Claire saying good-bye
*our Lucy
*Anna, Katherine, Amy, Brett, Sam, Elijah, Logan, Bethany, and Lucy