Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Volunteer, or drafted?

I love working for the Milwaukee Brewers. The fans are great. The players are friendly. My co-workers are fun to work with. And, of course, I get paid to see games. But there is one thing I hate about working for the Brewers: the SEIU. I have to be a member of this union. Every month they take out $5, plus $.40 per hour, and I make $8 per hour. I know of many ushers who hate the union and see no benefit having it. Of course, they did get us a $.10 (ten cents) and hour raise last contract. WOW! Of course, the union dues went up more than that...

Anyway, this election cycle I keep getting more and more crap for Obama. I usually don't care because I view it as a waste of money for them. Better that I get it and laugh than someone else gets it can actually buys the crap they're selling. But this last one put me over the edge. I now have an SEIU volunteer identification card. It included a web address with my name on it ( and an actual barcode. I feel like Captain Von Trapp getting his telegram "inviting" him back into service in the navy.

Normally I file these articles in their proper outbox (the trash; I never recycle this garbage - bury it forever in some landfill where eventually some rodent will eat it, then excrete it so it can finally become its true form), but I had to check this one out. Go to the link. It's great. My name. They used my name! I now know how John Proctor felt when he cried, "It is my name, I can have no other!" Putting my name on this drivel...I had to do something, so I completed the form.

Their questions

My answers

Are you willing to volunteer at a local headquarters to help the SEIU elect the Barack Obama?


No X

2. Name

James Scheuer

3. Address

I put in the West Allis McCain office address; I thought they could use a laugh.

4. Local

5. Occupation

6. Phone

I was going to put someone's number from the McCain office, but I thought that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

7. Primary Email Address


8. What's your biggest concern this election?

Rising Healthcare Costs

The Economy
Your Retirement


X Other
An inexperienced man who only spent 143 days in the Senate and has ties to crooked Chicago politicians, a corrupt national organization (ACORN), a convicted terrorist, and campaigned for an Islamic fascist in Africa (where he also received millions in illegal campaign contributions).

9. Is everyone in your family registered to vote?

X Yes


10. Would you like to receive periodic emails from SEIU about politics?


X No

11. Share your story- Let the candidates know what it's like to work and raise a family today.
I copied and pasted my opening paragraphs here, and added:

As far as Obama goes, I'm certain that if he gets in without any Republican checks in place we will see an economic and social collapse within the first two years.

12. Is it ok for us to share your story on SEIU web sites and materials?

X Yes, please feel free to share my story.

No, please do not share my story


Somehow I don't think I'll be getting anymore contact information....