Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buchmeyers Visit (3-28-09)

After the concert last night, Logan slept over at the Buchmeyers. He had a good time hanging out with Sam. We took Bethany home with us. She and Katherine stayed up late playing on the Wii. This afternoon I took the girls to see the Cashel Dennehy Irish Dancers perform for Wauwatosa Children's Theater. Lisa was the Story-Book Princess.

*Katherine, Lisa, Ella, Bethany
*Mrs. Weber(in charge of Wauwatosa Children's Theater, I have known her since I was 2), Lisa, Fatime
The rest of the Buchmeyers (and Logan) drove in and joined us for supper. Liz made a garden salad. Jim made a delicious batch of spaghetti. I made exactly enough noodles and garlic bread. The kids went downstairs and played on the Wii. There were rematches to be had. I made an apple crisp and streussel-topped pumpkin pie for dessert. Both seemed to be hits! It started snowing while they were here. It is supposed to continue through noon tomorrow. Oh, happy Spring!

Amy, Elijah, Bethany, Katherine, Logan, Sam, Brett, and Anna

Spring Break Treat and Chad James Concert (3/26/09-3/27/09)

Jim & I had a big surprise for our children. Jim got Friday off of school, and we booked a room at the Brookfield Suites Hotel. The neighbors watched Lucy for us. I packed a bag for the five of us. After Brett's volleyball practice, we drove straight to the hotel. We had our packed supper while enjoying a little bit of cable TV. Then it was time to head to the pool. Logan is required to take swimming at the high school. It has paid off! In 14 years we have never seen him so relaxed in a pool.

*Brett showing off
*Both Brett and Logan with their whole bodies in the water...amazing!

*The jump
*Logan actually swimming
*a happy Logan in the pool

*Katherine jumping in the pool
*Brett was done-the pool was too cold, the whirlpool was too hot. He went upstairs and watched cable TV.
*Mama and Katherine ready to head down in the morning.
Jim, Logan, and Katherine swam for a good three hours Thursday night. After breakfast on Friday morning we spent more time in the water. We all had a good time!
Friday night we went to Lamb of God Lutheran Church to hear Chad James ( in concert. We heard him play in the Autumn and really enjoyed the music. It was also a time to spend with our friends, the Buchmeyers. Unfortunately, Liz stayed home with a sick Elijah.

*Bethany, Mr. Buchmeyer, Katherine
*Amy, Anna, their friend Rebekah, Bethany, Katherine anxiously waiting for the concert to begin.

*Sam and Logan after the concert
*Anna, Brett, Amy, Katherine, Bethany, Steve (in the background), Chad James, Jon Hemmer, Logan, and Sam

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hooked on 24!

My friend Lisa found out that 24 is written by one of her favorite writers. She has never seen the show but decided to give it a try. I brought over Season 1 so she could start watching while Ryan is off doing military stuff. Lisa was up past 1:00 A.M. watching 4 episodes in a row. We've got another person hooked on the show. Jim & I love 24! We got Pastor Wangerin hooked in Season 2. We have to wait a whole week to see the next episode. The nice thing about missing the 8:00 P.M. time slot on Monday nights is that we can watch it on for only 42 minutes. If you're not hooked yet, consider watching it. You'll love it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walking with Ava (3/24/09)

I walk for a 1/2 hour Monday-Friday at church. When it's nice out we walk outside in the neighborhood. When it's raining, snowing, or cold, we walk indoors. We're still in the indoor season. Brett and Katherine were excited about coming with me today. Tuesdays and Thursdays, a Brindled Great Dane joins the walk. Ava loved all the attention!
When we were done, we went home for breakfast. Katherine and I went back to church for the Tuesday Morning Bible Class. She was in the back working on Origami. I got to spend time visiting with the group and going through passages in the book of Proverbs.
The kids wanted to go to the library today, so after lunch we headed to the Tosa Library. They all found books, and we sat at a table to read. A school group came in and must not have realized that they were in a library. They were so loud! My kids couldn't take it. They asked to leave. The boys read in the van while Katherine and I stopped in the children's resale shop that we frequent. She found a couple shirts and a pair of leggings.
Logan and Katherine had their piano lessons. Jim picked them up on his way home from school.
Jim & I watched 24 last night. We talk about the episode during soup supper before tonight's Lenten service.
Katherine and I looked at paint colors for her bedroom. We'd like to get her room painted in the next week. We're having relatives over during Holy Week, and Katherine wants her room set for Mary.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oshkosh & Sherwood (3/23/09)

Monday, the kids and I went to Oshkosh to visit my Great Aunt Esther. We wheeled her to the main dining room where the grand piano can be found in the corner. Katherine and Logan brought their piano books and played for Aunt Esther. She told us that she and a girl friend used to take piano lessons together, but that was a long time ago. Then we went to the huge entertainment room. The kids watched TV while Aunt Esther and I played Rummy 500. We played until it was time to get Aunt Esther back to her area for lunch.
After we said our good-byes, we headed North. We stopped off for lunch at Subway...a favorite of ours. Then continued our drive to Sherwood, a suburb of sorts, of Appleton. We spent a few hours with Nathan & Chrissy, and their son, Andrew. I have known Nathan since he was a little boy. I used to babysit him and his brothers. Nathan got a job as a Appleton fireman. They moved up there almost a year ago. Chrissy works part-time as a nurse. Andrew is almost three and very smart. He was so happy to have Logan, Brett, and Katherine there. Everytime they would come upstairs, Andrew would come up, take their hand, and ask, "Would you come downstairs with me, please?" It was cute! We had tacos and a fruit salad for supper with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Logan sat next to Andrew and got to help him manage his taco. After more playing, singing, and dancing, we loaded up the van and headed for home. It was so windy out on the country roads! It was about 9:20 when we walked in our kitchen. It was good to see my James. I missed him! It felt different taking a road trip and visiting people without him with us.

*Andrew playing Catch with Katherine
*Andrew conned Logan into feeding him while Nathan and Brett are getting seconds.
*Andrew is playing Horsey with Brett.

*Andrew talked Logan into giving him a horsey back ride.
*Brett (No more cookie?!), Katherine, Logan, and Andrew

*Logan, Andrew, Katherine, and Brett
*Nathan flying Andrew into the air

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kyle's Birthday Party (3/22/09)

Wednesday, March 18th was Kyle's 8th birthday. Today was the celebration at his house. Unfortunately the weather was not as nice as it was yesterday. All the children still had fun playing outside. It was too chilly for me. I stayed indoors. Shocked, arent you?!

*Brianna, Brett, Ella, Kyle, Maddy
Logan, and Katherine
*Logan and Jeff (Lisa's brother) resting
during the Marquette game

*Lisa & Ryan got Kyle a portable DVD
player. We got him a Finding Nemo
book and CD. He smiled! We got him
something he liked...hurray!
*Jim and Ryan assembled the playset.
We had tacos, fruit kabobs, veggies, and tortilla chips for supper. Kyle's birthday cake was gluten-free. Lisa found a gluten-free bakery in Delafield. He loved it! He came in the kitchen and grabbed a second piece to take to the basement.
Tomorrow will find us with another Spring Break day filled with loved ones. May God bless your night!

Scheuers visiting Scheuers (3/21/09)

There was no school on Friday. The kids and I spent most of the day cleaning around the house. The kids did have their friend, Mark, over for a couple hours. We watched Marquette win in a nail-biter...Go Golden Eagles! The kids played football outside, video games downstairs, and computer games in the living room. We had a quick supper and went to Mount Olive for Game Night. Have you ever played the game, Buzz Word? The adults (as well as Logan and Brett) played it. We had such a good time! Jim left early to watch the final episode of Battlestar Galactica with Peter & Felicia. When the kids and I got home, Brett and Katherine went to bed. Logan and I watched the Wisconsin Badgers play their NCAA tourney game. Jim got back in time to watch them win in O.T....Go Badgers!!
Saturday, we got some more work done around here. Logan cleaned up outside. Stephen & Heather, Isaiah, Ben, and Elsiana came over around 3:00 P.M. The weather was so nice. The boys took Lucy for a walk with our children. I think they like coming here just to visit Lucy!
We drove to Hawthorne Glen...went on a little nature walk and played kickball. When we got back, the kids played basketball. Jim mad his famous chili for supper. I made cornbread muffins and a loaf of bread. Heather made a couple delicious desserts. The adults played CatchPhrase, while Logan and Isaiah played Tanks and the others played basketball. Our children get along so well together! It was a very nice day!