Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buchmeyers Visit (3-28-09)

After the concert last night, Logan slept over at the Buchmeyers. He had a good time hanging out with Sam. We took Bethany home with us. She and Katherine stayed up late playing on the Wii. This afternoon I took the girls to see the Cashel Dennehy Irish Dancers perform for Wauwatosa Children's Theater. Lisa was the Story-Book Princess.

*Katherine, Lisa, Ella, Bethany
*Mrs. Weber(in charge of Wauwatosa Children's Theater, I have known her since I was 2), Lisa, Fatime
The rest of the Buchmeyers (and Logan) drove in and joined us for supper. Liz made a garden salad. Jim made a delicious batch of spaghetti. I made exactly enough noodles and garlic bread. The kids went downstairs and played on the Wii. There were rematches to be had. I made an apple crisp and streussel-topped pumpkin pie for dessert. Both seemed to be hits! It started snowing while they were here. It is supposed to continue through noon tomorrow. Oh, happy Spring!

Amy, Elijah, Bethany, Katherine, Logan, Sam, Brett, and Anna

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