Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break Treat and Chad James Concert (3/26/09-3/27/09)

Jim & I had a big surprise for our children. Jim got Friday off of school, and we booked a room at the Brookfield Suites Hotel. The neighbors watched Lucy for us. I packed a bag for the five of us. After Brett's volleyball practice, we drove straight to the hotel. We had our packed supper while enjoying a little bit of cable TV. Then it was time to head to the pool. Logan is required to take swimming at the high school. It has paid off! In 14 years we have never seen him so relaxed in a pool.

*Brett showing off
*Both Brett and Logan with their whole bodies in the water...amazing!

*The jump
*Logan actually swimming
*a happy Logan in the pool

*Katherine jumping in the pool
*Brett was done-the pool was too cold, the whirlpool was too hot. He went upstairs and watched cable TV.
*Mama and Katherine ready to head down in the morning.
Jim, Logan, and Katherine swam for a good three hours Thursday night. After breakfast on Friday morning we spent more time in the water. We all had a good time!
Friday night we went to Lamb of God Lutheran Church to hear Chad James ( in concert. We heard him play in the Autumn and really enjoyed the music. It was also a time to spend with our friends, the Buchmeyers. Unfortunately, Liz stayed home with a sick Elijah.

*Bethany, Mr. Buchmeyer, Katherine
*Amy, Anna, their friend Rebekah, Bethany, Katherine anxiously waiting for the concert to begin.

*Sam and Logan after the concert
*Anna, Brett, Amy, Katherine, Bethany, Steve (in the background), Chad James, Jon Hemmer, Logan, and Sam

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