Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2007 (3/16/09)

Newest Member of the Scheuer Family!
After almost seven years and over 80,000 miles, we bid farewell to our old van. This is the second-longest owned vehicle we've ever had. She served us well on many trips around Wisconsin and places as far away as Washington D.C. and Louisville. On Monday night, after much research, soul-searching, and numerous test drives, we bought our sage (I kid you not, that's the color's name) 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan!
It has less than 30,000 miles!

Look at the stow-away seats! Not only are these great for hauling items, but it gives us a great place to put quarrelsome kids!

Ah...sage! We would have preferred a dark blue, but the van in that color had too many issues.

The headlights came standard with the vehicle.

The kids had a choice: captain's chairs with no DVD player, or a DVD player with the same two bench seats as the old van. They opted for their own individual seats (except Brett, who really wanted the DVD player).

We love the sliding doors on BOTH sides of the van. I know it's nothing new, but to us it is COOOOOOOOL!

Look, another door!

The old and new generation. On the left is our new 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan. On the right is our, soon to be donated to the Rawhide Boys' Ranch, 1999 Dodge Caravan.

Lucy found her seat the moment the door was opened.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brett's Saxophone Solo (3/14/09)

Solo Ensemble at Martin Luther High School

Brett takes the GOLD!!! On Saturday, Brett performed his class C solo (Allegro from Concerto Grosso, Op. 3, No. 4, by George F. Handel) and earned a score of 1! He had trouble in the beginning with some squeeking. The judge said that it was because Brett needed a new reed. Brett should work on positioning the reed better. The judge was impressed with his fingering, and that he got all the notes correct. The judge was also pleased with how well Brett did with the piece after the squeeks. Brett stuck around to see his cousin Cyrus and his friend Karl both get a 1, too. Brett actually went in with each of them and applauded at the end of each of their solos!