Thursday, February 26, 2009

Logan and the piano (2/26/09)

Logan is playing the piano right now, and it sounds wonderful! It has been so long since he has sat down to play. Jim is in the basement working on his computer. He told Brett to go up and see who was playing, because it sounded so good. Brett came up and said, "Oh, that's you." I asked him who he thought it was. Katherine is a beginner, and it certainly wasn't me! I'll try to take a video and post it later.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mount Olive BB Tourney & Katherine's Special Day

Mount Olive's 5/6 Boys' Basketball Tournament

We had a long weekend helping at the tournament and cheering on our son, Brett, and our nephew, Cyrus. Jim did a great job as the announcer! He is very good at it, and the fans love to hear him. It was so nice having many relatives come and watch the boys.

Cyrus and Brett

Consolation Champions-Mount Olive Lutheran

Congratulations, Cyrus!

2nd Place-Our Father's Lutheran

Ali and Logan

Cyrus, Brett, and Logan
Katherine's Special Day
For Christmas, Uncle Latif & Aunt Ruth gave each child a hand-made gift certificate good for one day with them. They all have a different month. Katherine's month was February. We picked Sunday, February 22nd as her day. Aunt Ruth got Katherine after church. They had a breakfast-type lunch at their house. Afterwards, they went on a scavenger hunt in downtown Milwaukee. There was a list of objects to find, and then a picture was taken when the object was found. It was cold, but Katherine had a wonderful time! Katherine got a couple books at Borders. Uncle Latif brought Katherine home after dinner out at an Italian restaurant. Thank you, Latif & Ruth, for giving Katherine a special day!