Saturday, March 27, 2010

Logan is home!

Jim & I, Brett and Katherine left the house this morning on a mission...find an Easter dress for Katherine. We have been to so many stores in the past week: Boston Store, JCPenneys, Kohls, and Target. Today we added Macy's, Crazy Eight (we found her dress shoes here), and Sears. It was decided to leave two dresses on hold at Macy's while we continued on our quest.
While we were out, Logan called to say that the band was about three hours away. We got home and started one of his favorite meals: tacos and then brownies with strawberries for dessert. The phone call came at about 4:00 P.M. saying that he was at the high school. Logan requested we bring Lucy with us. So we loaded up the van and drove to get him and all his gear. He was so happy to see us, and it was good to see him!
Unfortunately he wasn't feeling well. He showered and laid on the sofa while we ate supper. It's been a long night so fever just sick. I pray he will be over whatever he has by the morning.
Dress Update: After supper, Katherine and I met up with our friend, Brownie Lady. Katherine modeled the two dresses at Macy's. I am happy to report that we had an enjoyable time and came home with a dress that Katherine likes!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Milwaukee Art Museum

Wednesday, March 24th Brett, Katherine, and I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Wednesday is the free day at the museum, and I couldn't wait to get there! We parked by Veterans Park and walked over. They were not happy about wearing nice clothes on a 'No School' day. Once they got in to the museum, their attitude changed. They both asked to use the camera.

*Brett checking himself out in the mirror
*Is Brett scared of his sister or the mummy?
*Brett with the painting: Far From Home

*East is the Place
*Campbell's Soup Cans
*Schrank Our take on Lucy Pevensey and the wardrobe!
Katherine's favorites: I liked the big splat one because it was like Jackson Pollock. I was happy to see the Campbell soup cans, because I learned about Andy Warhol in school.
Below are the photos Brett took. Some are typical of Brett: food and animals.
Brett: I took these pictures because they caught my attention. My favorite was the dog catching the hedgehog.
*Still Life With a Crab
*Poultry Park
*Noah and the Animals

*Moses and the Tablests of Law
*Portrait of a Terrier
*Two Young Men in Powdered Wigs
*Flowers in a Terra-Cotta Vase
*Homer and His Guide
*(I forgot to write down the title)
*Winter Scene
*Early Morning
*Young Girl Braiding Wreath
These are my two favorite paintings in the Milwaukee Art Museum.

I must say it was a very enjoyable trip to the museum. I had the most fun watching Katherine look at the art work. She would look at every angle and actually study each piece...quite fascinating!
When we were done, we walked back to the van and drove to Whole Foods. Their pizza is on sale on Wednesdays. We ordered one and did some shopping while waiting for it to be done in the stone oven. It was a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oshkosh and Sherwood

Tuesday, March 23rd found the three of us traveling to different parts of Wisconsin. We were in Oshkosh in the morning and got to Aunt Esther at a perfect time. She had just finished breakfast. We wheeled her to the game room and started playing cards...Rummy 500.
I had taught Brett and Katherine so they could play with Aunt Esther, too. Brett got to watch a dog show (It's Me or the Dog) on the big TV. It's always an added bonus to be able to watch cable TV! We stayed until it was time for Aunt Esther to go the dining room for lunch.
After grabbing a quick lunch we drove to Sherwood. We were met by a very happy 3 year old. Andrew was especially excited to see Katherine. It was a sunny, beautiful day! We took advantage of the nice weather and walked to a park. The kids (and Nathan) had so much fun playing. I even climbed up this interesting ropes climber.
*Katherine, Nathan, Andrew, and Brett on the climber
*Katherine, Fatime, and Nathan
*Katherine, Brett, Andrew, and Nathan on the swings
After a while we left the park and drove to High Cliff State Park. Nathan & Chrissy are blessed to live so close to it. We walked up the steps to the observation deck and then played at the playground.
*Brett giving Andrew and Katherine a ride
*Nathan playing with Andrew, Brett, and Katherine
It was getting late in the day, and Brett was getting a headache. We drove back to their house. Brett took two Advil and took a nap. Katherine and Andrew played while we worked on supper. Nathan made great burgers, but my favorite was the broccoli/coleslaw salad! Nathan and Brett played basketball, Andrew and Katherine played in the basement, and Chrissy and I sat in the kitchen talking. It was a wonderful day that had to come to a close. We said our goodbyes and told Andrew that we would be back this summer.
*Katherine with Wangerin and Andrew
*Katherine, Brett, and Andrew with DD
*Nathan, Katherine, Brett, Chrissy (and the twins), and Andrew
*A tired Andrew and Katherine

Visit to the Domes, and Witness the Battle of the Books

Monday of our Spring Break was filled with fun. Brett and Katherine went walking with me. They didn't walk so much as play with the other children...Charley, Norah, Conall, and Thalia. Then we spent time at the Domes. The kids didn't want to go because it is boring, but they sure seemed to have fun. We met up with friends and saw others when we were there.
*Snail #1
*Snail #2
*Palm tree
*Brett, Katherine, Ethan, Thalia, Lauren, Conall in the Arid Dome
*Ethan, Benjamin, Lauren, Thalia, Brett, Conall, and Katherine
*Brett's monster
*Brett and Ethan staring off
*Katherine and Brett in the Show Dome (which was being worked on)

In the afternoon we drove to Lamb of God Lutheran Church for the Battle of the Books. Our friend, Anna was in first place entering today's finals. It was interesting and fun to watch. Anna's team won! Afterwards there was ice cream (and all the toppings you could imagine) for everyone. Definately a good time!
*The team listening to a question
*Conferring the answer
*The winners