Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oshkosh and Sherwood

Tuesday, March 23rd found the three of us traveling to different parts of Wisconsin. We were in Oshkosh in the morning and got to Aunt Esther at a perfect time. She had just finished breakfast. We wheeled her to the game room and started playing cards...Rummy 500.
I had taught Brett and Katherine so they could play with Aunt Esther, too. Brett got to watch a dog show (It's Me or the Dog) on the big TV. It's always an added bonus to be able to watch cable TV! We stayed until it was time for Aunt Esther to go the dining room for lunch.
After grabbing a quick lunch we drove to Sherwood. We were met by a very happy 3 year old. Andrew was especially excited to see Katherine. It was a sunny, beautiful day! We took advantage of the nice weather and walked to a park. The kids (and Nathan) had so much fun playing. I even climbed up this interesting ropes climber.
*Katherine, Nathan, Andrew, and Brett on the climber
*Katherine, Fatime, and Nathan
*Katherine, Brett, Andrew, and Nathan on the swings
After a while we left the park and drove to High Cliff State Park. Nathan & Chrissy are blessed to live so close to it. We walked up the steps to the observation deck and then played at the playground.
*Brett giving Andrew and Katherine a ride
*Nathan playing with Andrew, Brett, and Katherine
It was getting late in the day, and Brett was getting a headache. We drove back to their house. Brett took two Advil and took a nap. Katherine and Andrew played while we worked on supper. Nathan made great burgers, but my favorite was the broccoli/coleslaw salad! Nathan and Brett played basketball, Andrew and Katherine played in the basement, and Chrissy and I sat in the kitchen talking. It was a wonderful day that had to come to a close. We said our goodbyes and told Andrew that we would be back this summer.
*Katherine with Wangerin and Andrew
*Katherine, Brett, and Andrew with DD
*Nathan, Katherine, Brett, Chrissy (and the twins), and Andrew
*A tired Andrew and Katherine

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