Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visit to the Domes, and Witness the Battle of the Books

Monday of our Spring Break was filled with fun. Brett and Katherine went walking with me. They didn't walk so much as play with the other children...Charley, Norah, Conall, and Thalia. Then we spent time at the Domes. The kids didn't want to go because it is boring, but they sure seemed to have fun. We met up with friends and saw others when we were there.
*Snail #1
*Snail #2
*Palm tree
*Brett, Katherine, Ethan, Thalia, Lauren, Conall in the Arid Dome
*Ethan, Benjamin, Lauren, Thalia, Brett, Conall, and Katherine
*Brett's monster
*Brett and Ethan staring off
*Katherine and Brett in the Show Dome (which was being worked on)

In the afternoon we drove to Lamb of God Lutheran Church for the Battle of the Books. Our friend, Anna was in first place entering today's finals. It was interesting and fun to watch. Anna's team won! Afterwards there was ice cream (and all the toppings you could imagine) for everyone. Definately a good time!
*The team listening to a question
*Conferring the answer
*The winners

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