Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kyle's birthday party

Today we went to the Rupes' house to celebrate Kyle's 9th birthday. Lisa made a special cake for herself and Kyle, a white bundt cake with chocolate frosting and sinful brownies for the rest of us. We drank tea from a Russian tea set that Lisa bought in 1994 and had never used. They were so beautiful...I'll have to take a picture of the set the next time I stop over. The grownups talked politics and/or Army stories while the kids played.
The coffee table was filled with chips, salsa, guacamole, and a tray full of veggies. Kyle took many chips, but did eat a couple carrots and some broccoli. It was a cold first day of Spring, with snow covering the grass, but it was nice being together with the Rupes.

*Ella and Katherine having drinks
*Brett and Kyle

*Kyle looking at his new Nerf gun set from his grandparents
*Kyle and Fatime
*singing "Happy Birthday"
*Kyle blowing out the candles

*two nine year olds
*cousins: Maddie and Ella
*Ella and Katherine playing with the marble game

*Kyle and his Uncle Jeff
*siblings: Lisa and Jeff
*cousins: Brianna, Ella, Maddie

*Brett and Kyle
*Ella, Fatime, Lisa, Katherine

Happy birthday, Kyle!

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