Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kyle's Birthday Party (3/22/09)

Wednesday, March 18th was Kyle's 8th birthday. Today was the celebration at his house. Unfortunately the weather was not as nice as it was yesterday. All the children still had fun playing outside. It was too chilly for me. I stayed indoors. Shocked, arent you?!

*Brianna, Brett, Ella, Kyle, Maddy
Logan, and Katherine
*Logan and Jeff (Lisa's brother) resting
during the Marquette game

*Lisa & Ryan got Kyle a portable DVD
player. We got him a Finding Nemo
book and CD. He smiled! We got him
something he liked...hurray!
*Jim and Ryan assembled the playset.
We had tacos, fruit kabobs, veggies, and tortilla chips for supper. Kyle's birthday cake was gluten-free. Lisa found a gluten-free bakery in Delafield. He loved it! He came in the kitchen and grabbed a second piece to take to the basement.
Tomorrow will find us with another Spring Break day filled with loved ones. May God bless your night!

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Jonathan said...

We thought of you guys yesterday when we (finally) got out our favorite Lenten decoration--our Mt. Olive cross and accessories. We have so many good Milwaukee memories. Hope you are all doing well!