Friday, June 12, 2009

Dinner at the Rupes and Logan's Basketball Game(6/11/09)

Thursday evening we were invited to the Rupe house for supper. Ryan was busy with a doctorate class in St. Louis, and Logan was at a friend's house. So it was just the seven of us. We had baked chicken legs, French fries, steamed green beans, and fresh fruit. The kids spent time playing while Lisa, Jim & I watched part of 24's Season 4...Edgar! Definately a good way to spend an evening!

*Ella and Katherine wolfing down their cupcakes before Kyle sees them!
*Katherine, Kyle, Brett, and Ella watching Shrek
We went home for about an hour to love Lucy and do some dishes. Then it was time to head to Wisconsin Lutheran College. Logan is in a summer basketball league there. He got a lot of playing time! It was a close game, but unfortunately his team lost to Catholic Memorial. It also made for another late night.
*Logan running down the court
*Logan on defense
*Logan with the ball

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