Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brett's Thoughts on our Family Vacation

Our first stop was the Wilhelm's house. They have a really cute dog named Sammy and I just love him. I played with him all the time there. We went to the Wilhelm's church softball game. It was fun to watch. Their team won the game. The next day, I went to the VBS camp but I found out that I was too old for it. I didn't want to stay anyway. So I got a tour of Greenville from Mary with Grace, Mom, and Dad. We went to this store that had some Lions stuff. I saw some good stuff but I didn't want to spend that much money. So I just got four pencils for a dollar. On our way home we went to the Walmart, and I bought a Detroit Lions t-shirt. Logan and I slept in Matt's room. The next day we went to the Justice's house in Rochester Hills. We played basketball a lot. On the first night we were going to sleep in a tent in the Justice's backyard but it rained. The next day we all went to Frankenmuth. We went to a few fudge and taffy shops. For lunch we went to a burger place. After that I got Michigan, a stuffed Dachshund. That night we went in the tent for an hour but then slept in the basement. It was a good thing because it rained. Then we went to Philadelphia. On Sunday we went to an Episcopal church, and we sat with Pastor Wangerin. The service was really different. After the service we did some site seeing. Pastor Wangerin got us all cheasesteaks.
So our vacation=lots of fun for me.

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