Monday, June 29, 2009

Logan's Thoughts on Our Family Vacation

My favorite part of our long trip was when we got to stay with the Wilhelm's for two nights. First we watched their church softball game. They won 19-5, then we went to a pizza place for dinner. After dinner, we went back to the house and went to bed. Brett and I were in Matt's room (which is really cool!), mom and dad were in Sarah's room and Kate was in Mary's room. It was fun staying up past midnight watching Seinfeld. The next morning we woke up and went to Vacation Bible School, Matt and I had a group of little kids. It was pretty fun!
After VBS ended, we went back to the house then Matt, Kate, Brett and I took Sammy (their dog who is really cute!) for a walk around the town. That was really fun!!! After we got back from that we played a few games of basketball (Me and Matt vs. Brett, Dad, and Kate) then we went inside for dinner.
That evening we had grilled burgers which were really good, then we went to an ice cream place!!! I loved it!!!
When we got back, we played some wii, then we played the Scene It? Movie version. After that we went to bed. I only made it through the first episode of Seinfeld (from midnight -12:30am) that night then I went to sleep. The next morning we woke up, said our long and sad goodbyes and left for the Justice's.
We stayed with the Justice family for three nights. Ummmmmm, lets see the first day we played basketball with the Justice boys (Andy, Mike, and Jake) and played on their wii with them which was pretty fun. We grilled out and had s'mores for dinner, which was really tasty!!!
The next day we went to Frankenmuth which is a neat little German community, that's where Brett added a new member to his Dackel (dachsund) family, he named the dog (stuffed) that he got Michigan.
Then we went back to the house, had dinnner played outside for a while then went to bed. The next day we went to a nearby Wal-Mart where I got a Detroit Pistons hat and Brett got a Calvin Johnson jersey for $5.00 (I wonder why it was so cheap?). After that we did more of the same things, watching T.V, playing outside, and playing video games. We had a great spaghetti dinner then after watching most of Young Guns 2 with dad and Mr. Justice on T.V. I fell asleep.
Then we went on to Philadelphia which was pretty fun except for all of the walking and going to one too many historic sites.
Dad, Brett, Pastor Wangerin, Logan, Katherine in front of Independence Hall
Logan, Katherine, Brett at the spot of the First Continental Congress
Katherine, Brett, Logan in front of the sign for "Brotherly Love"
After Philadelphia we went to Atlantic City for a day and then we started our journey
back home.
Logan resting on the beach
Logan, Katherine, Mom, Brett in Atlantic City, NJ
We went to Gettysburg which was pretty neat, stayed overnight.
The next day we went about halfway home stopping at a hotel in Ohio at around 11pm. Then we went home to our Lucy!!!
THE END!!!!!!!!!

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