Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wangerin's Injury (written by Katherine)

We had lunch with Pastor Wangerin. I shared a cheesesteak with him. This was right before Wangerin's injury.
On Sunday, June 21st, when the family got back from seeing Pastor Wangerin, we went to the hotel. I set Wangerin down on the bed. Then Brett sat on him. I quietly said, "Get up!" But he did not move. I tugged on Wangerin's right arm, and then 'SNAP'...'SNAP'. Wangerin's right arm was broken off! I cried a lot. Mom said that we were going to look for a Build-a-Bear Workshop. But we did not find one. So we looked at the Philadelphia Visitor's Center. Mama put Wangerin's arm in her purse. I did not like that, because I did not want people to see that he did not have an arm. We saw these two girls who were dressed up from the past. They were sewing quilt pieces together. Mama asked if they could sew a bear's arm. They said that it would be a bit more difficult and would take a long time, but they said they would do it. The one girl gave the job to the other girl because she said she was better at it. I was ok leaving Wangerin with them. I trusted them. We walked around looking at things and reading signs and posters. We got back about a half hour later. Wangerin was about finished. The girl was sewing the arm up really good. She was very nice to fix my bear for me.

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Dr. Robin Bear MD said...

Good Morning Katherine,

We read your post, and we were very sorry to hear of Waggerin's arm injury. We were glad to see he was able to be repaired by the nice girls making a quilt. We do hope Waggerin is feeling much better. We wanted to let you know that we have many stores in the PA. area as well as across the United States. We also have a Bear Hospital for furry friends with injuries like the one Waggerin had. For more information about Build A Bear or The Bear Hosptial please feel free to call us at 1-888-560-2327 or e-mail guest services at guestservices@buildabear.com. We look forward to your next visit to Build A Bear and we hope to hear from you soon.

Bear Hugs,

Build A Bear and Dr. Robin Bear MD (ext. 5431)

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