Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to the Real World

You know, for someone who teaches technology to high school students, you think I would have had a blog up before now. I'd like to say that after seeing several cool family blogs like Adam's and Lisa's families blogs I was inspired to do one, but that would not exactly be the truth. Actually, what motivated me was a class I'm taking this summer on blogs, wikis and podcasts. But that doesn't matter now that we are up and running. So, as Mr. Mister once said, "Welcome to the Real World, there's so much to do..."


mipackerfan said...
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mipackerfan said... I have that song stuck in my head! It's not a bad song-just stuck. Anyway, it's about time you have a spot to type your brilliant thoughts. You are a good writer and others should have the opportunity to read them.