Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fatime's best (girl)friend

I first met Lisa Leider in November of 1984. Her father accepted a Call to be pastor at Hope Lutheran Church, Milwaukee. I gave Lisa a tour of "my" church. We quickly became the best of friends. As best friends, we have had good times, as well as bad times. There are a couple of years we would like to forget. After high school, our lives took different paths...Lisa went to UW, partied and got a degree in Linguistics. I went to Concordia College-WI and met my love, James. I became certified to teach pre-school and got married. Lisa went to Russia for a year. I had Logan. Lisa met Ryan Rupe,got married, and moved to St. Louis, MO. We lived in Rockford, IL. We moved to Detroit, MI and had Brett. Lisa and Ryan moved to Pearland, TX and had Kyle. They moved to Oceanside, CA. We moved to back to Milwaukee. I had Katherine. Lisa had Ella. They moved to Virginia Beach, VA.
It has been a very long time (20 years) since Lisa and I have lived in the same city. Lisa and her family moved here in August and will be Wisconsinites for three years, while her husband is stationed at the Coast Guard office. Ryan is a U.S. Navy Chaplain.
Her daughter, Ella, attends the same school as Brett and Katherine. We attend the same worship service each Sunday. Oh, the Lord is good to me! I thank God for my best friend, Lisa. She is beautiful, smart, talented (Katherine will learn to sew from her, not me.), and dedicated to her Lord and family.

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Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Hey Fatime,
FYI, I have placed this blog on my blog's "Blog List." Keep writing.