Sunday, November 30, 2008

New laundry tub and Advent Aglow (11/30/08)

Jim's Dad drove from Oconomowoc, in the snow, to help with the "demolition of the laundry tub." I have before and after shots, but was unable to be home for the fun of taking a sledgehammer to the heavy, old thing.
dryer, and heavy, porcelin, laundry tub, and washer
dryer, washer, and little laundry tub with room to fully open the bathroom door

Advent-a-Glow at Mount Olive
To save time, I decorated my table after Bible class this morning. I went to get Mrs. Wangerin (Pastor's Mother) for an afternoon/evening with ladies. She is a wonderful woman, who is devoted to taking care of her husband daily. I'm glad she was able to get out for a couple hours.
I was blessed to have five, fine, Christian ladies sit at my table.

Mrs. Wangerin having a slice of lemon cake after finishing an assortment of goodies. One of us is going to get in trouble for her eating so many sweets.

I love standing next to someone who is shorter than me. That doesn't happen every day! After the program was over, Mrs. Wangerin helped me clean up. She asked me if she could do something. I said she could take the coffee cups to the kitchen. She picked up three cups, looked at me, and asked, "Where's the kitchen?" She got back and put the rest of the coffee cups in the now-known kitchen. On our way to see Mrs. Wangerin's husband, she says, "By the way, did I tell you that when I went out in the hall, I saw the door with the sign, Kitchen? I know where the kitchen is now." She's funny!

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