Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Basketball, football, and visit with the Wangerins

Today is Peter's birthday. Happy Birthday, Peter!
This is Tech Week at MLHS. Logan has rehearsals every night to prepare for this weekend's Dinner Theater. Jim is at the high school making supper for the kids...chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese. I'll be dropping off a dessert when I take Logan back in a 1/2 hour.
Logan hasn't been feeling well, so I made him take a nap after school. He rested for a bit. He is happy that his costume consists of a hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

Brett had a basketball game at Beautiful Savior Lutheran School-Waukesha yesterday. With five minutes left before game time...we had no coach. I got the boys ready and started five of them. The coach, who got lost getting there, came to my rescue a few minutes later. Mount Olive won by a large margin with Brett scoring four points. Ramone, who has some physical limitations, was able to get some rebounds and assists. He plays more and more, and the team cheers him on.
It's so good to see!
Here is a picture of most of the 5/6 grade boys basketball team with their Consolation Champions trophy from the Grace-Menomonee Falls Tournament.
Last Saturday, Jim and the boys went to the Buchmeyers to play on the Nintendo Wii and join them for supper. They had a lot of fun playing Rayman Raving Rabbits TV Party. I don't know who had more fun--Mrs. Buchmeyer or Anna.
Katherine and I spent the evening with Mrs. Wangerin, Pastor Wangerin, and his brother, Paul.

Katherine played the piano for Mrs. Wangerin,

and then she played a little, too.

It was such a beautiful day, the three of us took a drive down by the lake. We wanted to take Mrs. Wangerin to Trader Joe's, but it was terribly crowded. So we drove around and wound our way down Beach Drive. The view of Lake Michigan and the sky was breath-taking.
When we got back, Mrs. Wangerin made supper while the rest of us played on the Wii. Actually, Pastor and I watched Katherine beat Paul at MLB Power Pros 2008 (Logan was very jealous!) and the shooting gallery. We had a simple supper of sloppy joes, Fritos, a fruit salad, and turtle brownies for dessert. I can not imagine what Mrs. Wangerin thought of the four people sitting at her table, with a white tablecloth, making a mess. I would like to say it was her fault for having a white tablecloth on the table when we were having sloppy joes, but I can not blame her for our sloppy eating. After supper, Paul played the piano for us. All I have to say is, amazing!! Paul has never had lessons. He learned on his own and plays with such feeling. Katherine joined him for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Then Pastor watched as the rest of us went bowling on the Nintendo Wii. Mrs. Wangerin beat us all. I could not get a strike. Before Katherine and I left, we looked at pictures of Pastor's trips to Colorado and Austria...oh, the mountains!

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