Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Katherine's bedroom (3/31/09)

We had been talking about painting Katherine's bedroom for a while. We finally decided to get going on the project knowing that Jim's cousins were coming for a visit. Katherine was allowed to pick out the colors. Our 8 year old girls wanted yellow for the ceiling and turquoise for the walls. Can you believe it?! Jim painted the ceiling last week. A couple days later, Katherine and her Daddy worked on the rest of the job: taping the edges, unscrewing the outlet covers, and painting the walls. Brett came up to help, too! Logan and I were babysitting for Kyle and Ella. When we got home the job was done. The next day, the three kids and I ripped out the mauve colored carpeting. The burgundy mini-blinds are gone, too. Now we are on a hunt for curtains and/or blinds. I'll post the "after" pictures when the work is complete.

*Katherine in the room with the yellow ceiling
*Katherine painting

*Brett painting
*Jim getting the high parts

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