Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scheuer Week in Review

Monday: Brett and I went walking at Mount Olive with Mr. Bartz, Karen, and Ava. Brett got to take Ava for a walk. Jim and Katherine worked on her kite project. Then Jim & I took Brett and Katherine to the Domes and to the Greenfield Hobby Shop. We know two people who like the train section there, but we went to get kite string and rods. Katherine and Brett both found things to put on their birthday lists. It was definately a fun "fieldtrip"!
*Katherine and the Kapok Tree
*Katherine and her Mama in the Show Dome
*Brett, Daddy, Katherine
*Katherine, Mama, Brett (Katherine looks pained because we were kneeling on the gravel and woodchips)
Tuesday the kids went to school. After walking with Mr. Bartz, Karen and Ava, I went to work. Jim stayed in his bathrobe and watched movies all day. Jim enjoyed his first day of Spring Break (without the family). He worked at Miller Park that evening. The rest of us went to Brett's first volleyball game at Hales Corners Lutheran School. The 5/6 grade boys did a great job! They played like a team. Every one of them got their serves over the net. They won their first match! It was late by the time we got home. While the kids worked on their homework, I ordered supper from the Chinese Pagoda. It was a nice treat, and Jim would have left-overs the next day.
Wednesday Jim grilled lamb patties for supper. We had them with baked potatoes, beans, fresh fruit and veggies.
Thursday Jim decided to join our walking club. Jim dropped me off at work and went to the Rupe's house to assemble Kyle and Ella's playset. It was definately a project! Kyle got to spend time with us in the afternoon. Jim and Kyle picked me up after work, and we went to Whole Foods. We bought a Kyle-friendly pizza that will stay here until the next time he visits. We had tacos for supper. Jim went back to work on the playset. Katherine worked on her memory work. The boys stayed home playing baseball in the backyard. I went to Sam's Club to shop for Mount Olive's hot lunch.
*Kyle kicking the soccer ball
*Kyle, Brett, and Katherine playing soccer
*Kyle and Miss Fatime playing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat
*Kyle on Katherine's skateboard
*Kyle and Brett looking at dogs on the internet
Friday, Mr. Bartz and I walked outside. Then it was time for Hot Lunch: chicken patty on a bun, chips, carrots & dip, and a ice cream sundae. Mark came over after school and played baseball. In the evening, we had a nice visit with the Wards. Jonathan & Kaethe were members at Mount Olive before moving to Pittsburgh. That was six years ago! They now live in Grand Rapids, MI. We got to meet their beautiful daughters, Mali and Brinnly, who had a nice time playing with Katherine in the sand box. It was so nice seeing them and sharing how our lives have changed. It was also good to see that through it all, the Lord shines in our lives. He is in control! May our good and gracious Heavenly Father bless the Wards and their growing family!

*Katherine, Lucy, Jim, Fatime, Kaethe, Mali, Jonathan, and Brinnly
*Mali, Katherine, and Brinnly playing with the sand

*Katherine and Brinnly
*Katherine, Brett, Mali, Jonathan, Brinnly, Kaethe, and Logan
We made the kids a quick supper. Jim & I decided to go out, just the two of us. We changed into nice clothes and drove to the Alpine Inn, in Mequon. Jim ordered the Seafood Platter, and I got the lightly breaded Haddock. The atmosphere was wonderful! It made us think of our time in Germany. Afterwards, we drove down to Beach Court in Fox Point. It was quiet except for the water splashing on the rocks (Lake Michigan). There were so many stars to see. It was a wonderful end to a full day.
Today I took Brett and Katherine to Hawthorn Glen for the National Clean-Up. We stayed over an hour removing concrete pieces, brush, and garbage. Eddie came home with us. The boys played basketball and videogames. They are eating their lunch outside. It is a beautiful day!
*Brett and Eddie moving a log
*Katherine removing branches
*Skins vs. Shirts

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It looks like you guys had a great week Praise God.
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