Sunday, October 4, 2009

MLHS 2009 Homecoming (10/2/09-10/3/09)

Friday evening was Homecoming activities at Milwaukee Lutheran. I made sure we were dressed warm enough. Brett grumbled about wearing a sweatshirt. He is 'never' cold! He appreciated the extra layer once it got dark. The parade started at 5:30 P.M. Katherine and I heard the band and ran to watch as they marched from the neighborhood across the street onto Grantosa Drive. There were quite a few floats with students throwing lots of candy our way. Brett and Katherine made out quite well with their pockets stuffed with treats for the next couple weeks! After the parade, Logan had some time to eat before getting ready to play (his trumpet) for the football game. The forecast wasn't good. There were sprinkles on and off, and the field was muddy. The marching band did play during half-time, but without their uniforms. They did wear their band hats, though. Brett and Katherine found some kids and played football on the grass outside of the cafeteria. It was after 10:00 P.M. by the time we got home. We were busy with a lot of visiting and catching up, but that is for a blog entry by my James.

*Logan (with the black sweatshirt) marching in the Homecoming parade
*Logan performing during half-time of the Homecoming game
*Katherine, Brett, and Logan after our fun-filled Friday night at the Homecoming game
Jim was kind enough to let me sleep Saturday morning, and he took Brett to Saturday Morning Band. What a nice treat! Logan's soccer team tied at Wisconsin Lutheran, 0-0. Then it was off to Katherine's soccer game. Her team lost, but she had an assist on a goal and she scored a goal right after that (which was right after I left for the florist shop!). We had some time to come home and relax. Logan worked on homework for a bit. Then he needed to hit the showers before getting ready for the Homecoming Dance. Everything turned out quite well. I'll let Logan write about his experience sometime. These are all the pictures I took. Nastassia took a few, as well. Maybe I'll be able to post those, too.
*Logan and Nastassia at the Coronation
*Nastassia, Logan, Romario, Marissa
*Mr. Bartz (my walking partner) with two of his granddaughters: Katie and Hannah

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