Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January and February are always occupied with basketball games and tournaments.
After Saturday Morning Band we drove to Martin Luther High School for Brett's league basketball game vs. Emmaus. Brett played well on defense. Jim's parents drove in for the game. We asked if we could keep them for the day. We went to Barnes & Noble and had lunch at Pizza Hut. Peter, Sarah, and Ryan joined us. Then it was time to head to Wauwatosa. This weekend we were at Our Redeemer for their 7/8th grade tourney. We stayed for most of Brett's 2:00 P.M. game (which, of course, did not start on time!) but had to drive Katherine to her 4:00 P.M. soccer game. Katherine had a few great saves in the first half and scored one goal in the second half. Poor Lucy was home for nine hours. We got back to take care of her for a little bit before heading back to O.R.
As things turned out Mount Olive faced Our Father's for 7th & 8th place. Mount Olive's coach put in all the
bench-warmers. They played their hearts out, and Brett scored five points.
Mount Olive still lost in the end.

Katherine and Uncle Latif at the game
So an interesting thing happened at the game...a woman came up to me and asked if I was Fatime. I said, "Yes." How could I deny that? Apparently she had been staring at me for a while and asking others about me. She didn't suppose I would remember her. Once I took a look at her I did realize who she was...Miss Bobeck, my favorite teacher in high school. I haven't seen her in almost 21 years! I don't know if it is a good thing, or not, that I haven't changed much in that time. I did think it was a pretty neat turn of events... especially with so many people making such a big deal of me turning 40 this year. In the picture above (with Katherine and Latif), Miss Bobeck is the one with the long brown hair and blue sweater on the end. Her great-nephew plays on Our Father's team.

Here is Cyrus making his first two points of the game. He played well and scored a few points.

In the second half of the game Brett ended up
guarding his cousin, Cyrus...not exactly the best match-up.
Thankfully, Brett's coach put in another kid to guard Cyrus.

Win or lose, Brett and Cyrus are still cousins and friends!

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