Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What a busy day! I let Jim sleep in and took Brett to Saturday Morning Band. Then it was a mad rush to wash dishes, start some laundry, and get everyone else ready for Brett's basketball game. We got Brett from Band and stopped off at Pick N Save. We invited Jim's parents over for lunch and thought we should have food to serve them.
Back we went to Milwaukee Lutheran for Brett's game vs. Our Redeemer. Excellent Game! All 14 players got in the game, Brett scored 2 points, and the stronger players passed to the weaker ones. Mount Olive won with dignity.
We had a wonderful afternoon with Jim's parents. Lunch consisted of sandwiches, chips with salsa, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices. Bobbie made a chocolate cake with cherries on top as an early birthday cake for me. It was delicious!
*Don't ask!
The boys went down to play on the Wii, while the girls played Rummy 500. I have gotten Katherine addicted to that card game. Bill and Jim came up, sat with us at the table, and gave input on our card game.
In the evening we met my side of the family at Red Arrow Park for ice skating. It was a birthday celebration for Latif (1/7) and Bedull (1/8). Katherine and Logan were the only ones from our family to enjoy being out in the cold, on the ice.
*Katherine and Auntie Dully
*Katherine and Aunt Sue
*Ruth bundled up for a chilly night out
*Logan skating (in the light jeans)
*Katherine skating
*Latif, Logan, Bedull, Eli
I stayed in the Starbucks, at the fireplace, with my nieces Ali and Vera. Brett and Cyrus played outside.

*nieces Vera and Ali with their Aunt Fatime
Unfortunately our time with everyone did not last long.
We needed to get Katherine to her 7:00 P.M. soccer game. I was not happy with her. She couldn't find her cleats at home and grabbed Logan's old size 8' that was going to work. Her game was off, but she did score a goal in the second half. Her team won in the end.
Like I was a busy day!

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