Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boys' Basketball Tournament (2/5/10-2/6/10)

Last Friday and Saturday was the Mount Olive 7/8 Grade Boys' Basketball Tournament. Mount Olive had two teams playing. Brett was on Team Two. Friday's game was a disaster. Mount Olive's "Bench players" playing Mount Calvary. The good thing about Friday was seeing Bette. Brett had left a message on her answering machine, inviting her to the tournament. It was a wonderful surprise., and Brett was very happy to see her. Unfortunately, I had a severe headache and couldn't wait to get home.
Saturday was a much better day. My headache was gone. There was a lot of running around to do. Brett had Saturday Morning Band at MLHS. Then it was off to the tournament. Team Two won their 10:00 A.M. game. Grandma & Grandpa, Bette, and Mrs. Flory were there to cheer on Brett. I had to get Katherine to her 11:00 A.M. soccer game. The Shooting Stars lost by one goal. It was not a good outing for our goalie. Our friend, Sue came to watch Katherine play, and Jim's parents made it from the basketball game. It was so nice having people there for Katherine, besides Mom.
We drove home to hit the showers. Then it was time to get back to the tournament. If Brett wasn't playing, we were watching Cyrus' team play. We were so blessed to have family and friends come to the games! Brett's Team Two won their second game of the day, which earned them the Consolation Champion trophy. They beat St. Martini by one point. Brett had five points! We are so proud of the whole team!

*Bedull and Katherine
*Ali and Katherine

*Katherine and Brianna
*Fatime and Katherine
*Cyrus and Brett
Consolations Champions!
After the tournament was over we headed home. Cyrus was sleeping over. He and Brett had so much fun playing video games and goofing around.
We had a special guest in Bible Class ...Ava the Great Dane. The kids love her! She was going from Bible Class to the Humane Society to learn to be a therapy dog. She will be great!
*Logan, Cyrus, and Brett with Ava
*Katherine with Ava

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