Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving (11/27/08)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Church wasn't until 10:00 A.M., so we started our day by relaxing in bed...all five of us: Jim & I, Brett, Katherine, and Lucy. Logan was in his own bed. We still ended up rushing to get out of the house in time for church. It happens every time. Our family loves Thanksgiving and enjoyed attending Mount Olive's Thanksgiving Service. Our choir and instrumentalists were exceptional!
After church we drove to Oconomowoc for dinner with the Scheuers. There were only seventeen of us. That is not many for a Scheuer get-together! Grandma told Logan he could sit at the "grown-ups" table. We had a nice dinner. Dessert came after the dishes were clean. Sarah, Katherine, and Elsiana helped Grandma dry the dishes and silverware.
Grandma washed while Katherine and Sarah dried.

Elsiana helping with drying duty.

Before we all left Jim and Stephen were to bring up the Christmas tree from the basement. The two funny guys brought up this "heavy" one first.

Jim and Stephen with the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.

Stephen and Jim carrying up the "real" Christmas tree.

Logan, Brett, Sarah, Isaiah, Ben, Grandma, Ryan, Grandpa, Elsiana, Katherine

On our way home we stopped at Daut's house. Sue was at work, but the kids were able to play with Cyrus for an hour. They also got to visit with their Uncle Latif.
Cyrus, Jim, and Brett

Brett and Latif

As tradition has it, we went home, changed into comfy clothes or pajamas, and watched "Miracle on 34th Street." Jim made popcorn. I looked at the ads for tomorrow. It was our time to spend together. It was a perfect ending to a busy Thanksgiving Day.

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