Monday, January 5, 2009

End of Christmas Break

Recapping the end of our Break
We crammed in as much activity as possible before we all had to get back to school; even taking time to get sick. Logan got a double ear infection and is still taking antibiotics. Katherine got swollen glands and was in a lot of pain. I spent 24 hours feeling achy and had a fever. Brett's ear hurt and got a sore throat. I am thankful that if we had to get sick, it happened during our Break so none of us had to miss school or work.
New Year's Eve we went to Mount Olive's 6:30 P.M. service. Jim & I felt bad that we had nothing planned for a New Year's Eve celebration. We let the kids stay up late. We watched movies and played on the Wii. Katherine made it to 10:30! Jim & I watched the hoopla in NYC. I must say, I was not impressed with the coverage. We stayed up till about 1:00 A.M.
Happy New Year everyone!
After the New Year's Day service, we went to Daut & Sue's house. Lucy was invited, too, which was a nice treat. The first day of 2009 was spent relaxing our bodies (and brains). We watched "Psych" episodes, football, and played a kids Trivial Pursuit.

Friday, January 2nd, Katherine had three friends over for the day. Her friend, Mark, and Isabella (8 yrs.) and Liliana (4 yrs.). They are Americans living in Bolivia. Please don't ask me what their Mother does for a living. I never remember, but I can only tell you that she works for the US government. Their Father has a job at the embassy. They are in town for a month, so the girls are enrolled at Mount Olive. The 3rd graders are so happy to have Isabella back. She was in their class for a couple weeks two years ago. They are a wonderful family from church and we feel blessed to know them. Back to Katherine having friends over. They ran around the gymnasium at Mount Olive. They played on the Wii. They dressed Lucy like a girl. They built a fort out of blankets and chairs, made robots out of boxes, played out in the snow, and made a gingerbread house. I'm exhausted just thinking about all those kids did in one day.

Saturday, Jan. 2nd, we drove to Oshkosh to visit with Aunt Esther (Logan went to a friend's house). I played Rummy 500 with her. Brett wanted to play, but didn't quite get the concept of the game. Jim took over for a couple rounds, but he hates the game. So I stopped dealing him in. We wheeled Aunt Esther to the main dining room so Brett and Katherine could play the piano for her. We got her back in time for lunch. We stopped off at Redd's for lunch and then headed back to Milwaukee. Jim took Brett and Katherine to see Bolt. They all like the movie. Because I was not feeling well, I layed in bed watching Sleepless in Seattle. My James spent quite a few hours taking down the Christmas tree and decorations and making the living room and basement look fabulous. He is so wonderful and such a blessing to our family! I love him so much!

Sunday, January 3rd, we had the Buchmeyers and the Rupes over for a Mexican lunch. I am happy to say, even though Lisa & Ryan were concerned, that we managed quite nicely with 16 people in our house. After lunch the kids played on the Wii, while the adults +Amy and Anna played Imaginiff. This game is a lot of fun (with people you know). We would have been fine playing with the Rupes or with the Buchmeyers. All together didn't quite work that well. Apples to Apples is kind of the same way. You have to know the judge and how he/she would think. Maybe we'll play CatchPhrase next time! Anyway, everyone seemed to have a good time, and where was Kyle? In our bed, when he wasn't watching a DVD!

Anna, Sam, Logan, Amy, Brett, Bethany, Katherine, and Elijah (The Buchmeyer/Scheuer kids just before the Buchmeyers left for Mukwonago)

Today was back-to-school time for all of us. It's 9:40 P.M., and all is quiet. Katherine and Logan had lots of homework. Brett and I went out to get his Class C sheet music for his saxophone. He is still not feeling well. I pray he has a good night's rest. Brett has a basketball game tomorrow after school. Jim is not feeling well, either. He is already up in bed. Logan is practicing on his trumpet. There are tryouts next week in Band.
That's all for now. Have a great week!

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