Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lions vs Packers (12/28/08)

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions
On Saturday morning, I found out that Dad got me tickets to the game. I was so happy, because I had wanted this gift more than anything. I was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan more than 11 years ago. I started being a Lions fan to annoy Logan. It worked! But then I started really liking the team. I figure since I was born in MI, I am allowed to be a Lions fan. Anyway, Dad and I got up early Sunday morning to leave for Green Bay. I complained because of all the layers of clothes Mom made me wear. There was a lot of traffic, and the weather was not good. We got to church late. Whenever we are in Green Bay, we go to Pilgrim Lutheran Church. It is sort of across the street from Lambeau Field. My parents know one of the pastors, Pastor Malme. He used to be the Pastor at their church in Rockford, IL. After church, we went to Lambeau Field to get our tickets. We had really good seats...Section 125, Row 51, Seat 10. We were on the Lions side! I stood up and cheered loudly when the Lions were introduced, while everybody else booed. Dad wouldn't let me boo when the Packers were introduced. I gotta say that I did not like the smokers, the fans chanting bad things about the Detroit Lions, and of course, the Lions losing. I did like being there with my Dad. Besides our feet freezing, we were totally warm. After the game we went to Old Country Buffet. We did not like the food there. We should have gone anywhere but there. Then we stopped off at Shopko's so Dad could look at the Christmas stuff. By the time we got home, it was about 8:15 P.M.

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