Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas! (12/2508)

Christmas Day
When Jim & I were kids, we would get up early to look under the Christmas tree. This morning, our children were in bed sleeping. We were all up quite late last night, but it's Christmas Day! When they got up, we went down and sat on the sofa. Jim read the Christmas Story from the book of Luke. Then we, from the youngest to the oldest, opened gifts. Katherine's big gift was a autographed picture of Mia Hamm. Brett got a Detroit Lions fleece sweatshirt and necktie. Logan got the Iron Man DVD. Jim big gift was a very soft bathrobe, and I got a Wii Fit. We went to Mount Olive's Christmas Day Worship Service.

After taking Lucy out, we drove out to Oconomowoc. We spent the day with the Scheuers. The big surprise gift for Bill & Bobbie was a 42" TV.

Felicia, Ryan, Sarah, and Peter

Jill, Ellie, and Adam

After a very long Christmas Day, Brett and Katherine slept all the way home!

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