Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday Breakfast for Jesus (12/6/08)

What a night...Kyle and Katherine were sick! Katherine was so disappointed that she was going to miss Birthday Breakfast for Jesus. I was just as upset. I had decided that this would be the last one that my friend, Sue, and I would be in charge of organizing. And I wasn't there. My knight in shining armor came to the rescue. Jim helped Sue make the pancakes and helped with anything and everything Mrs. Lange needed. Pastor Wangerin stopped over and took Logan, Brett, and Ella. Logan was one of the youth servers. Brett was a Wise Man for the pageant, and Ella got to sit with Pastor for breakfast and the program.

Kyle and I definately bonded this weekend! We sat on the sofa reading and watching Veggie Tales together. I, also, discovered that Kyle loves my waterbed.

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