Monday, December 29, 2008

M.O. Choir Concert & Party (12/14/08)

This afternoon was Mount Olive's Christmas Choir Concert. I love the music! Brett was singing with the Children's Choir. Jim was up in the balcony videotaping the concert. There is typically two times for the concert, afternoon and evening performances. With only one performance, the church was packed! Logan, Katherine, and I sat with Pastor Wangerin and his mother. I don't know how much Pastor saw of the concert. There was a pillar in front of him, but the sound was beautiful to the ears. Afterwards, Mrs. Wangerin leaned over to Katherine and said that she thought that Katherine was almost as tall as her. So when we walked with Mrs. Wangerin to the Narthex, I took this picture of them. My 8 year old is almost as tall as our 87 year old friend.

After the concert our family was invited to a "church" party. Friends from church host an annual Christmas party at their home (which is only three blocks from M.O.). They have a Brindled Great Dane named Ava. Our children love playing with her!
Logan eating with Mr. Bartz. He and I walk Monday-Friday at church.

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