Monday, February 16, 2009

Elm Grove BB Tourney and MLHS Dinner TheaterMonday

What a weekend!

Brett and the 5/6 grade boys' basketball team were in the Elm Grove Lutheran "Spirit" Basketball Tournament. The boys lost Thursday night. They won decidedly Saturday afternoon, which put them in the Consolation Championship game Sunday at 1:10 P.M. It was a close game. Brett scored two points (his usual) and did great on defense! The team was down 4-11 at half (which is what they were winning by on Thursday) and came back to win 27-26. The boys did a great job!

Logan (our newspaper delivery boy) was busy with MLHS's dinner theater, Fawlty Towers. I helped in the kitchen on Friday and Sunday. Saturday, Jim & I got to sit down as parents. Jim's parents joined us for dinner. Bedull came for the performance. Latif came on Sunday. It was nice having family there to support Logan.
During the intermission, there was a "deal or no deal" game. There were 12 gift bags available for $10.00 each. Jim gave Katherine the money to play. She was the only child to participate. She won the "grand" prize: free night stay at the Lake Ripley Lodge Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge, WI. She is disappointed that she will not be going. We told her we would make it up somehow.
Logan stayed for the cast pool party after the last performance. I think he had a good time, which makes Jim & I happy.

Above is Logan walking in with his line, "Newspaper," with a British accent, and the cast of A Touch of Class.
20 years ago today Jim & I had our first date. He, purposefully, did not ask me out on Valentine's Day. Not the best day for a first date. We went to see the movie, Beaches. What were we thinking?! People were openly weeping. I can tell you that being with him was wonderful. What are we doing to commemorate such a great day? He has a faculty meeting after school. Katherine has her piano lesson. One of us has to get Logan when "tear down" is done. At 7:15, we take Logan to the high school for Sophomore registration. It shouldn't take long. He has his classes picked out. Hopefully we can watch 24 together.

Brett and Katherine did not have school today. They got to play with Ella at the Rupe's house, which was a nice change for them. It gets boring being home alone.

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Jeff & Grace said...

Great pictures! I love the set. Looks like it was a lot of fun!