Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brett's Music Assignment...Animal Football League-The Musical

There once was this animal football league. The teams in the NFC were the Funky Colts, the Huge Bears, the Crazy Poodles, and the AFC teams were the Cute Dachshunds, the Blue Seahawks, and the Stinky Monkeys. The league was started in 2591. This league is unique because they sing throughout the games. The season was 20 games long. Here is the standings midway through the season:
1 Cute Dachshunds 10-0 1 Crazy Poodles 10-0
2 Stinky Monkeys 7-3 2 Funky Colts 8-2
3 Blue Seahawks 6-4 3 Huge Bears 1-9

The main star quarterback on the Dachshunds was Dackel and the main running back was Sir Henry Charles Dickens. The Crazy Poodles’ star quarterback was Tim and their main running back was Johny. The teams that made it to the Dog Bowl were the Cute Dachshunds and the Crazy Poodles. They’re big rivals. Finally on Dog Bowl Sunday the game was on. The Poodles won the coin toss. They picked to receive and the Dachshunds would receive at the beginning of the second half. When the Poodles received they fumbled the ball and the Dachshunds recovered it and ran it in for a touchdown. Shortly after that the Poodles intercepted the ball and took it to the 10- yard line. The Dachshunds held them there until fourth down. The Poodles kicked a field goal and made it. The score was 7-3 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter both teams didn’t score. In the third quarter the Dachshunds fumbled the ball on the kickoff but recovered the ball. They didn’t gain any yards by fourth down so they punted. The Poodles got tackled on their own 20. Then the third quarter ended. Don’t forget that the Dachshunds are still winning 7-3. The Poodles threw a Hail Mary with three minutes left. Their wide receiver caught the ball in the end zone. Then they kicked the ball off with one minute and fifty seconds left. The Dachshunds quickly ran to their 30-yard line and ran out of bounds. With 20 seconds left Dackel handed it off to Sir Henry Charles Dickens. Sir Henry was at the Poodles’ 18-yard line with 3 seconds left. He ran as fast as he could and scored!!!! The Cute Dachshunds won the Dog Bowl 14-10!!! At the end of the game the Cute Dachshunds sung their Dog Song. It goes like this, “Dachshunds we score those touchdowns, and we Dachshunds always make those field goals. Dachshunds rule!!”

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