Monday, May 4, 2009

Joey's Confirmation (5/3/09)

Katherine had a soccer game on Saturday...she played well! After the win, we went home to load the van and get Lucy. We drove a little over four hours to Rhinelander for a Scheuer Gathering. This time it was for our nephew, Joey. He was being confirmed at Trinity Lutheran Church. The service was Sunday at 2:00 P.M., so the party was Saturday evening. We had a fiesta...tacos, guacamole, salsa, blue chips, Tostito chips, fruit, veggies, quasadillas, plain & peanut M&M's, and a cake! The kids played basketball, made a hot-air balloon, ran around, and had lots of fun playing together. Lucy loved barking at Eric's rabbits. She did stop after a while. She and Spotzen played well together, but Lucy learned that Spotzen does not like her eating his food. Sunday morning, we listened to Mount Olive's worship service via the internet at We have live-streaming for the 8:30 A.M. service. With it being Good Shepherd Sunday and Confirmation, you'd think that Pastor Wangerin would hit a homerun (so to speak). He did! We then showered, changed, relaxed and/or played some more. After the Confirmation service, we headed for home. It was a quick trip but very nice. John & Gina are wonderful hosts! We always feel welcomed and at home there.

*Eric, Brett, Logan, Jim, and Stephen playing basketball

*Katherine and Gramps cleaning up before bedtime

*Cousins Eric and Katherine with their balloon creations

*Katherine, Grandma, Brett, Fatime listening to Mount Olive's Worship Service on the internet Logan and Jim were in there, too!

*Spotzen resting on Katherine's blanket

*Gina with her sombrero

*Brett and Logan watching the Brewer game before Joey's Confirmation

*Grandma & Grandpa with 8 of their grandchildren: Elsiana, Katherine, Joey, Isaiah, Ben, Eric, Logan, Brett

*Two Points!

*Happy Lucy loving the outdoors

*This is the backyard scene

*John, Grandpa, Eric, Gina, Grandma, and the two pastors praying over Joey

*Joey playing the drums for the closing song, "Jesus Loves Me"

*Eric, John, Gina, Joey

*Aunt Gina and Katherine

*Cousins Logan and Joey

*Brett, Katherine, and Logan sleeping on the way home

*Jim is happy driving with the children napping!

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