Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Get-Away (5/8/09-5/9/09)

This story starts in February at the dinner theater of MLHS. Katherine won a one night stay at a bed & breakfast. She was very excited until we told her that she could not go. I told her that we would make it up to her sometime.
Fast-forward to Friday. Nick & Angela agreed to take Lucy out. I packed two bags-one for the three kids and one for us. I got Brett and Katherine, drove to MLHS and picked Logan up. Then we headed to Oconomowoc for the switch-the three kids for Jim. Logan, Brett, and Katherine stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. Katherine got to pick what they were having for supper. Grandma & Grandpa took the kids to a fun ice-cream parlor in Watertown. They also played outside and stayed up late. Unfortunately I forgot to pack Wangerin for Katherine. She had a hard time sleeping without him. We are so grateful to Jim's parents for watching/spoiling the kids. They love visiting them (even if they don't have cable TV anymore!)!
Jim rested while I drove to Cambridge (Wisconsin, not Massachusetts or England). We stopped at the Lake Ripley Lodge Bed & Breakfast to check in first. We got to pick one of two rooms that were available. Then we drove into town. The only shop open was the Rowe Pottery Works Shop ( Jim bought me a Mother's Day vase. (It was on sale!) We walked around for a bit and were getting hungry. It was after 6:00 P.M. We drove to Fort Atkinson and found Salamone's Italian Pizzeria ( It was a Friday, so Jim ordered the fish fry. It was just ok. I ordered the vegetable lasagna (a home-made special recipe). It was so good! We got back to Cambridge before dark and walked across the street to sit on the dock. It was warm, quiet, and serene. If you want to get away and relax, this is the place for you (! There was a lot on our minds, and we did a lot of talking, but it was relaxing and peaceful. Once the rain started we came in and sat on the screened-in porch. We sat looking at a Wisconsin picture book. Jim's yawning became a bit much. We went in for the nignt. Strong storms lasted all night. I enjoyed listening to the rain and the waves on the lake. I was up early praying. I wrote that there was a lot on our minds. I needed to take it to the Lord. We got a wonderful surprise- No morning rain! Jim & I went on a morning walk. We got back in time for breakfast with the other guests: a family from California, one from Chicago, and two from Fort Atkinson. By 10:30 A.M. we were off to reality, stopped at Pick N Save before getting our three children. It wasn't the best time to take a mini-vacation, but it was well worth it.

*Lake Ripley Lodge Bed & Breakfast
*looking out to Lake Ripley
*Jim at the Rowe Pottery Works Shop in Downtown Cambridge, Wisconsin

Our room was on the first floor

*Jim out front at the Lodge
*Fatime next to the sign with view of the Lodge

*our room is behind those French doors (left side of the porch)
*We sat here Friday night (right side of the porch)

Scenes from our walk

More scenes from our walk...Do any of you know someone named Warne (I don't mean personally)? Isn't this an interesting chalet-type house?

views of Lake Ripley before the rain started

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