Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 2 of St. Louis!

We had a leisurely morning and met Pastor at the Concordia Seminary Library. He showed us around a bit. Pastor and Jim talked to Mr. Berger. He looked at Jim and said, "You're a Scheuer!" I had to pull them away from their reunion so we could get going with the rest of our day. We found a great street parking spot by Turtle Park for our trip to the St. Louis Zoo. The best part was seeing a lioness napping up in a tree....the tree hugger! I truly thought it was fake, a stuffed lion that a zoo keeper put in the tree, until we saw it move.

I knew that if the kids were going to cooperate the rest of the day, we should feed off to the Olive Garden we went. I don't think Pastor had ever been there. He loved the soup...Chicken & Gnocchi! Our break was a success...everyone was fed, full, and happy!

The St. Louis Cathedral was next on our list. It was not a disappointment. Awesome is such an over-used word, but it definately fits for what we saw on the inside of this church. Brett had many questions for Pastor about various religious and Catholic aspects to the design.

Then we went a little closer to our hotel and stopped at the St. Louis History Museum. The kids had fun playing 'Washers' with Pastor.

Swimming at the Cheshire was next. They have an outdoor pool, and it was very warm. It usually takes me a long time to slowly get myself in a pool...not this time. It was wonderfully refreshing!

After drying off and changing, we piled back into the van and went the couple blocks to Schnuck's Grocery Store. We brought back bags and headed to 'our' round table in the lobby area of The Cheshire. We had rotissiere chicken, wheat dinner rolls, carrots, and apples for a very late supper. It was nice sitting together and enjoying the atmosphere.

It was time to check another site off of my list. Pastor, Brett, Katherine, and I drove to Ted Drewes Custard Stand. What an experience! There was a mass of people standing outside waiting in line or congregating out front eating their treats. It was still so hot that mine and Brett's frozen custard wasn't frozen any more....more like a drippy mess, but it was fun!

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