Monday, July 19, 2010

Learning about Mr. Lincoln!

Amazingly enough, the children were up early and ready for breakfast. We were out the door by 8:40 A.M. and headed back to Oak Ridge Cemetery. Being in the tomb of President Lincoln was an experience we will never forget. From there we drove to downtown Springfield, found a great, free parking spot, on the street, a block from our next destination: The Lincoln Home. Jim got timed tickets for us to tour the house within 15 minutes from when we arrived! After our tour we walked to the Presbyterian Church to see the pew where Mrs. Lincoln sat. Unfortunately, Mr. Lincoln was not a church-going man. There was time for us to go to Mr. Lincoln's law office before moving our van from the two hour parking limited spot.
Using the Downtown Springfield map, we found the train depot where Mr. Lincoln and his family boarded to Washington D.C. There was meter parking on the street....25 cents for 30 minutes!! This is huge! During our visit to Philadelphia last summer, we learned that that city is not vehicle friendly. To pay for parking was outrageous, but not in Springfield!
We stayed long enough to learn a few things and take a couple pictures. By the time we were done, we all had lunch on our minds. Unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks at The Olive Garden was what we were after. It was delicious! It wouldn't be a Scheuer vacation without rain, and the Lord did not disapoint us (not like He ever would!): a downpour of rain, followed by the power going out. The generator kicked in almost immediately. Katherine was the only one with a rain jacket. So we had her run to the van to get umbrellas. She loved it!
With food in our stomachs, it was time to go the the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum...WOW! There was so much to see and do!
We made supper in our hotel room: sandwiches, fruit, chips, and cookies. We couldn't wait to enjoy the pool. It was cleaner than last night and there were less children.
We had a wonderful day and look forward to what tomorrow brings!

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