Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis!

We had a leisurely morning at our hotel in Quincy, IL, stopped at the post office, and started on our next journey...bound for St. Louis. Per our travel agent's recommendation, we took the scenic route along the Mississippi River (via HWY 79). We saw flooding in Louisiana, Missouri and had lunch in Elsberry, Missouri. Although there was a detour on our journey, we made it to the St. Louis Amtrak station with 15 minutes to spare. Uncharacteristically late, the Amtrak arrived 20 minutes past it's arrival time. Katherine and I waited inside for Pastor Wangerin, while Jim and the boys circled the parking lot.
Our first St. Louis site was Union Station. The kids had fun watching 'Paul' make fudge. Jim and Logan bought Milwaukee Brewer t-shirts, Logan looked inside the Hard Rock Cafe, and Katherine fed giant goldfish. Then we took the side streets to our English hotel....The Cheshire Lodge. It is amazing! After relaxing for a bit, we went to Talayna's Pizza. Our waiter was very friendly! We ordered a New York Manhattan-style pizza and a St. Louis-style pizza. The waiter explained how the St. Louis-style thin crust is made. The crust is pressed, not rolled!
There was time left in our evening, so we went to the Delmar Loop...stopping at Blueberry Hill and Fitz's Rootbeer. Surprisingly, Pastor Wangerin had never been to Fitz's. The boys shared a rootbeer float, and the rest of us shared one. We took a drive through the Concordia Seminary grounds before taking the 2 minute drive back to the lodge.
After resting for a bit with the kids, Jim & I joined Pastor down at the pub. The two guys had beers. Jim & I played a game of checkers. Unfortunately, Logan came down to tell us that Brett wasn't feeling well. We got up to the room in time to be with Brett as he got times!
It's 11:32 P.M...Jim & I are in the lobby area on the computer, while our children sleep. I have a busy Thursday so we better head up!

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