Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day

Let me first say that our Advent was not great. There were no devotions, lots of running around, and hurrying here and there. It was very stressful! Consequently, Jim & I plan to change the way we do things next year. Our Christmas Day was wonderful! Our growing teenager could have slept a lot longer had we let him. The rest of us were quite anxious to get down to the living room. Once we were all up, we sat down listening to Jim read the Christmas Story from the book of Luke. Then it was time to open gifts and get ready for church. Pastor Wangerin had a nice sermon and the music was great. After taking a few pictures, we went home to take Lucy out and headed to Oconomowoc.
I was in charge of the fruit salad, and I brought my struessel-topped pumpkin pie. Our noon dinner was sooo rib, baked potatoes with toppings, steamed veggies, fruit salad, and Stephen-made croissants. The Grandma-made cookies and my pie wasn't until after we opened gifts. Brett and Logan opened their gift from Grandma & Grandpa. They truly thought they had gotten a box of Christmas cards. "OK (long pause), thank you. Jim told them to open the box and there was Ultimate Alliance II for the Nintendo Wii. As the picture shows, they were very excited.
Jim had been waiting for his special gift for a long time. You see, one day in Spring, Jim printed a copy of the Dr. Who scarf pattern (from Season 16) and asked his Mother to make it for him. She said yes not knowing exactly what she was getting herself in to. This scarf was made with lots of love as well as many hours of precious time!
Then we were all off in different directions playing games or napping.
On our way home we stopped by Daut & Sue's house. We ate and visited for a while before heading back home to our Lucy. There was one more quick stop to the Rupes' house. I ran upstairs to wish Lisa a Merry Christmas. I am so glad her family is here, even for a short while.

We had a wonderful day celebrating our Lord's Birth with our church family and relatives. We pray you, too, had a special day with family and/or friends.

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