Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Fourth Day of Christmas

Even though we got home late last night, Katherine and Bethany were up early. They went downstairs to play on the Wii. I heard them trying to be quiet and got up to make breakfast. I left to go walking at church, which I do five days a week. Then it was time for a field trip to the Domes. Monday is the Free Day for Milwaukee County residents. It is a wonderful place to visit, especially in the winter months. Jim & I took Brett, Katherine, Bethany, and Ella Rupe.

In the Tropic Dome
In the Arid Dome
In the Show Dome
When we got home the girls played a Raggedy Anne game while I worked on lunch. We dropped Ella off on our way to Currie Park for some fun out in the cold. Did I say fun? I was freezing! I lasted about 45 minutes and said we were leaving.
When we got home to thaw out the children went down to play more video games until it was time for Bethany to go home with her Dad.

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