Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Fifth Day of Christmas

Our nine year old friend from Mount Olive came over for the day. Mark had a great time playing video games with the boys. Another nine year old, Isabella, came over, too.
I took Brett, Katherine, Isabella, and Mark to Currie Park for more sledding and snowboarding.
Mark went down the hill twice, in the beginning and before we left. The rest of the time he spent "sharpening" the snowboard, saucers, and sled.
I was dressed warmer, so we stayed out longer than yesterday.
Jim went to see Sherlock Holmes at Bayshore's IPIC. After Mark and Isabella went home, I dropped Logan off at a friend's house and took Brett and Katherine to meet Jim at Panera's for supper. It was a Christmas gift from a friend of ours. Then it was off to Barnes & Noble to use the gift cards. Katherine found two soccer books, and Brett found a book: Deeper. It was a successful outing.

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