Friday, January 8, 2010

The Tenth Day of Christmas

What is the easiest way to wake up three little girls? Have them lay in your bed and watch "Mr. Ed" on television. Then after giggling for a half hour at a silly, talking horse, they are ready to get moving. Liliana was the first one ready. She grabbed on to Logan, and he dragged her all the way to the bathroom entrance. Then she let go.

Jim took the boys early for church, because Brett was the acolyte. The girls spent time playing with Lucy while I was getting myself ready. I think they would have been happy taking Lucy back to Bolivia with them.

In the afternoon we went to visit my sister, Adile and her family. They live very close now, but I am ashamed to say that we have not been to their new house since they moved in three years ago. That will change. We had such a nice visit. My brother-in-law, Gezim is a big Packers fan. He and my guys watched the game. I stayed in the kitchen with Adile and my nieces talking and learning how to make rice pilaf. Another full but fun day!

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